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Latest News

Research shows that CF impacts growth in the womb

News 1 week ago

New research, published in Thorax, funded by the Cystic Fibrosis Trust has shown that babies with cystic fibrosis (CF) are born weighing less than babies without the condition, even allowing that they are more likely to be born prematurely. The […]

Trimbos: Meer voorlichting over risico’s lachgas

News 1 week ago

Het gebruik van lachgas is de laatste jaren flink gestegen onder jongeren en uitgaande jongvolwassenen. Handhavers, zoals bijzondere opsporingsambtenaren en politie, krijgen steeds meer meldingen van overlast van lachgasgebruik op straat en rondslingerende lachgaspatronen. Daarnaast hebben gemeenten, leerkrachten en ouders […]

A deeper look at severe asthma yields NET results

News 1 week ago

Of the more than 24 million people in the U.S. who have asthma, 10 percent have severe asthma – a form of the disease that does not respond to treatment. The immunological mechanisms underlying severe asthma and asthmatic lung inflammation […]

Researchers develop system to help users quit smoking

News 2 weeks ago

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University are using wearable sensor technology to develop an automatic alert system to help people quit smoking. The smart-phone app, initially limited to android-based operating systems, automatically texts 20- to 120-second video messages to smokers […]

Exhaled e-vapor particles evaporate in seconds

News 3 weeks ago

A new peer-reviewed study published in the prestigious journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research shows that exhaled e-vapor product particles are actually liquid droplets that evaporate within seconds. “No accumulation of particles was registered in the room following subjects’ vaping. This […]

Enzyme lays the foundations for allergic immune response

News 3 weeks ago

While in search of the causes of allergies and asthma, a chance discovery has yielded new clues: researchers led by Dr Marcus Peters have ascertained that the enzyme guanylate cyclase in cells lays the foundations for the type of immune […]